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Christina Lane

Multifaceted actress and model

The Art of Imagery

From the food you eat, to the clothes you wear; appearance dictates how we interact with the world around us. The psychology of colors, shapes designs and patterns can make us feel differently on a very visceral level. This has been true since the dawn of time and can be exemplified from camouflaged animals trying to hide and better hunt, to the brightly colored fruit advertising to us to eat them so they can spread their seeds. Everything in life portrays an image in one way or another and being able to understand that meaning is part of everyday life.

Christina Lane prides herself on being able to adapt her image to fit the purpose of the scene. From a sweet, young farm girl to an evil, demonic witch, she has proven her ability to adjust her appearance to fit best into the role she is needed. The image is not limited to the wardrobe and makeup but must also include the personality, facial expressions and even the way you move.

Looking through Christina’s portfolio will emphasize her ability to adapt to any role needing portrayal and give an example of the vast range she has as an actress and model.

About Christina

Christina Lane has a background of theater and performing arts. Her passion to be on stage lead her to explore further light in the local film community. Christina has experience as an actress and model but her interest in media production as a whole doesn’t limit her those two fields. She has worked behind the scenes as a production assistant, photographer, set designer, writer and director. Her goal is to experience all aspects of film in order to gain a better understanding to becoming more well-rounded in the industry.